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Transformation Project

Tavas State Hospital Transformation

The transformation of Tavas State Hospital was a project carried out with great excitement and dedication. In this transformation, which we are proud to explain to our clients, we aimed to create a modern and functional environment for Pamukkale University Health Vocational School by utilizing the existing structure of the hospital. During the renovation process, we worked diligently to preserve the architectural features of the existing buildings and give them a new purpose. We aimed to provide future healthcare professionals with an ideal learning environment by creating well-equipped classrooms, laboratories, and practical areas at high standards. The transformation of Tavas State Hospital was a process filled with collaboration and expertise, and we take pride in the final outcome. We are delighted to provide our students with a modern and comfortable educational center through this transformed facility, while also serving our clients who aim for growth and development in the healthcare field.

Bina dönüştürme mimarlık Before
Tavas dönüşüm işi mimari After
Antalya Tavas Devlet Hastanesi Dönüştürme İşi Before
Antalya Mimarlık Ofisi Before
Antalya Uygun Fiyatlı Mimarlık İşi After
Muratpaşa içinde mimarlık hizmeti After
Muratpaşa Bina Restorasyonu After
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