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    Tavas Prison Maintenance and Repair.

    Tavas Prison, after being evacuated and neglected for a long time, was brought back into use through maintenance and repair works. The old paints on the walls of the prison were carefully removed using special methods by private experts, revealing the original stone texture. This comprehensive repair work has made a valuable contribution to the historical texture.

    The maintenance and repair of Tavas Prison highlight the importance of preserving the cultural heritage of the region and passing down the structure to future generations. The project has been completed through meticulous work and dedicated teamwork.

    Antalya Metruk bina tadilat fiyatları Before
    Antalya Şehrinde Mimari Bakım After
    Antalya Mimarlık Ofisi Before
    Antalya Restorasyon After
    Antalya Metruk Bina Onarımı Before
    Antalya Dış Cephe Bakım After
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